Tei-Tei-Sha House and Koh-Koh-Sha House Open on the Ito Campus

Release date: 2015.11.09



On Monday, November 9, 2015, a ceremony and reception were held on the Ito Campus to mark the opening of Tei-Tei-Sha House and Koh-Koh-Sha House.
 The opening ceremony was attended by 48 people, including university president Dr. Kubo and executive vice presidents Dr. Maruno and Dr. Yasuura. Also present were Mr. Naoyuki Aoki, head of the New Tei-Tei-Sha House Project, representing the donors, and Professor Tetsukazu Yahara, President of the Kyushu University Cooperative.
 Construction of Tei-Tei-Sha House was funded by charitable donations by Kyushu University alumni to the Ropponmatsu Tei-Tei-Sha House Project (organized by the Kyushu University Alumni Consulting Laboratory), as well as a donation from the Kyushu University Cooperative, which approved of this project’s goal of building a place where Kyushu University students, staff, faculty members, and others with links to the university could gather.
 Kyushu University Cooperative also funded the construction of Koh-Koh-Sha House, which has been built as a welfare facility (shop) for the convenience of students, staff, faculty members, and visitors.
 Tei-Tei-Sha House takes its name from a student meeting house on the former Ropponmatsu Campus, which was originally Fukuoka High School under the old education system. Koh-Koh-Sha House’s name was proposed by Kyudai alumnus Hiroki Uriu in response to a public call for suggestions.
 The names are inspired by 其亭亭物表,皎皎霞外, a line in “Beishan yiwen” (Proclamation on North Mountain) by Kong Zhigui (447-501), a Chinese man of letters who lived during the Southern and Northern Dynasties period. Tei-tei (tingting in Chinese) means “like a towering mountain or tree,” indicating something able to be seen clearly from a distance, while koh-koh (jiaojiao in Chinese) means “as bright as the light of the sun or moon,” indicating purity of character. Futabatei Shimei’s Ukigumo (The Drifting Cloud) also contains the expression “tei-tei koh-koh” (lofty and bright). We hope that both Tei-Tei-Sha House and Koh-Koh-Sha House will become popular places for our students to use.

[Tei-Tei-Sha House Reservations Desk] (Open: 11:00-17:00)
Ordering Counter, Koh-Koh-Sha House  Tel: 092-805-7700

The tape-cutting ceremony

Tei-Tei-Sha House and Koh-Koh-Sha House lit up at night Inside Tei-Tei-Sha House

Inside Tei-Tei-Sha House

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