Kyushu University wins 3rd consecutive first place title in the International Sports Festival

Release date: 2016.08.10



 International students representing Kyushu University easily defended their first place title for the third consecutive year in the International Sports festival held in June 26th after a close competition with other international participants from Kyushu Sangyo University, Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Kyushu Institute of Technology. This year, about a total of 36 students including both international and Japanese students from Kyushu University participated in different types of events; futsal, volleyball, three-on-three basketball, basketball free-throw, tama-ire (a traditional Japanese ball hurling game), Tug-O-War, long jump-rope, eleven legged race, women’s table tennis (singles), men’s table tennis (singles), badminton (mixed doubles), and finally shuttlecock juggling. Our students boasted its international athleticism with first places in futsal, badminton, Tug-O-War to bring Kyushu University for its third consecutive win!

 As international students, opportunities to participate in sports competition is very rare especially as some felt that “it is hard to join the Japanese clubs and circles”, and others were simply “too busy to keep up with the rigorous practice schedules”. Kyushu University Foreign Students Association (KUFSA) stepped up to resolve this by cooperating with foreign student associations in other universities to host this annual International Sports Festival. Not only can students enjoy sports but also meet new students from all around Kyushu.

 KUFSA continues to host such events throughout the year for international students in Kyushu University. Check their Facebook page and website below for more information and subscribe to their mailing list for notifications and updates!

Kyushu University Foreign Students Association (KUFSA)


International Sports Festival 2016

Final winning point for the badminton event

Students taking a break in between events

Moments before the Tug-O-War victory

Celebrating the victorious moment with fellow teammates

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