The Academic Festival 2016 took place

Release date: 2016.11.24



On Saturday, October 15, 2016, the 11th home coming event, entitled “The Academic Festival 2016” was held at the Shiiki Hall on the Ito campus. Compared to previous years, the event was changed to inform the recent situation of Kyushu University trying to be “A university that develops in tandem with society” not only to the alumni but also to others such as high school students and local residents.

At the opening, President Kubo, and Mr. Nuki who is the chairman of Fukuoka Alumni said their greetings. Then two students who had won Yamakawa Prize, together with Associate Professor Testuya Ukai from Faculty of Design, and Professor Kazunari Sasaki from International Research Center for Hydrogen Energy made presentations about each of their activity and research.

After that, the delivery ceremony of a fuel cell vehicle “Honda Clarity Fuel Cell” was held. Mr. Akiji Ando from Honda Automobile R&D Center, who is also an alumnus of Kyushu University passed the key of the vehicle to President Kubo after the address by Mr. Takashi Moriya from the said center.

The venue was crowded. People visited a variety of events such as a reception, mini-lectures by six faculties, five courses bus tour in the Ito campus, local shops’ booths and exhibition booths.

Also at the Q-sync and Open Café 2016, there were active discussions regarding job hunting and work life balance between speakers and participants.

The number of visitors on that day was over 800, and it was the largest ever.

The opening address by President Kubo



Exchange meeting between Alumni and Students “Q-sync”

The delivery ceremony of “Honda Clarity Fuel Cell”