Ito Festival 2014

Release date: 2014.05.28




    On May 18, 2014 (Sunday), the West Zone of Ito Campus was filled with people for the 8th Annual Ito Festival. Ito Festival is a community festival which is organized and supported by Kyushu University and the region of Nishi Ward, Fukuoka City (Susenji, Genyo, Imajuku, Imazu, Motooka and Kitasaki area) and Itoshima City to revitalize communities.
  This festival is a showcase for local culture, food, goods and entertainment. This year, the event attracted nearly 12,000 people with 18 staged performances and 30 venders as well as a variety of family-fun entertainment.

  About 200 people also enjoyed live music concerts and fire performances in natural hand-made candle lighting on the eve of the festival.


(Top) Main stage
(Middle) Family-fun programs in the classroom
(Bottom) The eve of Ito Festivals 2014