CAMPUS Asia 2nd stage held Summer School successfully

Release date: 2017.09.08



CA EEST program (CAMPUS Asia program for cultivating global human resources in Energy Environmental Science and Technology) has entered in the second stage as one of the 9 selected programs in the MEXT project “INTER-UNIVERSITY EXCHANGE PROJECT”. CA-EEST program is aiming for double degrees (DD) in master courses in 2 universities among 3 consortium universities: Kyushu University (KU), Pusan National University (PNU) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Over the past three years, more than 70 students have already graduated with DD.

As one of the most important coeducation program in the CA-EEST program, Summer School was successfully held at SJTU from Aug. 9 to 20. A total of 96 students, 27 from KU, 25 from SJTU and 34 from PNU, including both DD and non-DD students, and more than 20 professors as lecturers or supervisors attended. In the Summer School, students will receive three interchangeable credits from the consortium universities when they meet academic requirements in lectures, seminars, laboratory experiments and one-day scientific tour. In addition, all students were asked to make presentations in English on what first-year MA students have learned in the laboratory experiments and on research works of second-year MA students for interim appraisal of their master’s theses. Not only studies from global aspect of EEST taught by international professors but also cultural communications to exchange opinions and ideas among students from Japan, China and Korea have successfully encourages all students to study more on EEST globally. It can particularly benefit Japanese students in developing their ability to communicate in English and getting strong motivation to study together with foreign students.  

Official web site:

Group photo at the opening ceremony

Scientific tour to SSRF

Lecture scene

PDCA meeting for CA professors and staff

Presentation by M2 student


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