Release date: 2018.02.27

Power of Research -Kyushu University Symposium Hanoi 2018-


On January 17, 2018, Kyushu University held a symposium entitled, "Power of Research -Kyushu University Symposium Hanoi 2018-" at Thuyloi University in Hanoi, Vietnam, with the overall goal of promoting academic exchange and collaboration between Kyushu University and Vietnamese organizations.
The symposium was intended to communicate Kyushu University's strength as a research university to local education and research professionals while also raising awareness of Kyushu University's ties with Vietnam through its research projects and its technical assistance and human resource development contributions. It was planned and organized jointly by Kyushu University and its Hanoi Office and Thuyloi University as the local host. Prof. Dr. Bui Quoc Lap, Dean of the Faculty of Environment, was locally responsible for the event.
The symposium started with opening addresses by Prof. Yuji Soejima, Vice President of Kyushu University, and Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Kim, President of Thuyloi University. Following a speech introducing Kyushu University by another Vice President, Prof. Kazuo Ogata, various Kyushu University faculty members gave presentations on their research topics *¹ . Next, two Kyushu University Hanoi Office staff members- Mr. Hoang Van Nhan, the Office Director, and Ms. Nguyen Thanh Thuy -briefly described the office, and two successful Vietnamese researchers who are graduates of Kyushu University gave presentations on their research activities *². The symposium closed with a report from Prof. Soejima on a collaboration project between the research-focused university and high schools entitled, "University's education for high school students in science."
The symposium was attended by more than 90 people, including representatives of higher education institutions throughout Vietnam. It provided the audience with a valuable opportunity to learn about Kyushu University's research capabilities and the educational programs, thereby contributing to future development in a variety of areas.

*1 Presentations by our Faculty
"Highly efficient utilization of waste biomass for power generation with fuel cell technology"
Assoc. Prof. Yusuke Shiratori, Faculty of Engineering
"Development and dissemination of sustainable production system based on invasive pest management of cassava in Asia"
Prof. Keiji Takasu, Faculty of Agriculture
"An oral health care research for CLP (cleft lip and palate) patients and postgraduate education for professional specialists"
Prof. Ichiro Takahashi and Prof. Yoshihide Mori, both of the Faculty of Dental Science.

*2 Presentations by our Alumni
"Innovative control techniques of electric motor drives for industrial applications and life improvement"
Assoc. Prof. Ta Cao Minh, Hanoi University of Science and Technology
"Sustainable and energy saving technique for waste water treatment in rural areas of Viet Nam"
Dr. Nguyen Thi Hang Nga, Thuyloi University.


<Reports on this symposium have been posted on Thuyloi University's website>


Banner for the symposium displayed on the main gate of Thuyloi University

At the symposium

Participants with the President of Thuyloi University


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