Release date: 2018.03.05

Egyptian Alumni Gathering


On December 11, 2007 Kyushu University held an alumni society in Cairo, Egypt, centered on graduates of the University.

Kyushu University has the largest number of Egyptian international students among other Japanese universities, and many of the graduates have taught in higher education institutions in Egypt and neighboring countries. The alumni society in Egypt was held for the first time, and 26 graduates gathered from all over Egypt owing to the efforts of Cairo Office Director Professor Safwat and Vice Director Professor Tamer.
The meeting started with a greeting by Vice President Koichiro Watanabe, followed by self-introductions by participants including the year of enrollment, their supervisor, and current position. There was a proposal from one of the participants to formally register the association to the Egyptian government as a non-government organization, of which all voted in favor. In the ensuing gathering with Vice President Watanabe and Director of International Department Goro Watanabe, the participants exchanged memories at the time of staying at Kyushu University, as well as talks on current situations of other alumni who could not participate on the day and Egyptian universities with many graduates of Kyushu University, which brought joy and excitements throughout the gathering.
With the establishment of the alumni society, we will further strengthen cooperation with Egypt at Kyushu University.

Photo 1: Alumni group photo


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