Yacht Club wins 4th place

Release date: 2018.10.12



Kyushu University Yacht Club wins 4th place at World University Sailing Championship 2018

〈Team Japan during the Race〉

The Kyushu University Yacht Club participated in World University Sailing Championship 2018 which took place in France from September 1st to September 5th, 2018 to represent Japan and they successfully won the 4th place.

World University Sailing Championship is an international competition organized by FISU (International University Sports Federation). This is called “Olympics for Students” in general because university students gather for this competition from all over the world. 19 teams from Europe, Asia and Oceania participated in this competition. The participants were all great sailors, some even have been experienced many international competitions. The high-level competition brought a lot of excitement.

〈Students who participated in the Competition〉

The Team Japan is composed by 4 members including Aoi Makino, a current member of Kyushu University Yacht Club (2nd year of Graduate School), and 3 other Kyushu University graduated members who lead to the consecutive victories to the “Seven University Athletic meet” and great results at other competitions.

They have been participating in many sailing competitions and moreover, supporting the club and developing of the younger members.

The boat type “J80” was used at this competition. With a total of 22 races ran including 14 races in the preliminary tournament, 8 races in the final tournament.

At the beginning of the race, Team Japan struggled with unfamiliar wind, wave and the boat but they worked out countermeasures as the competition progresses and they cleared the preliminaries and won the 4th place in the finals.

〈Kyushu University Yacht Club〉

〈Moment of the Race, The closest team is Team Japan〉

〈Team Japan after the Race〉


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