Academic Year 2018 Commencement Ceremony

Release date: 2018.10.18



Academic Year 2018 Autumn Commencement Ceremony

On September 25, 2018 (Tuesday), the Kyushu University Commencement Ceremony was held at Shiiki Hall on Ito Campus, where 62 students were awarded with bachelor’s degrees, 174 with master’s degrees, 2 with professional degrees, and 187 with doctoral degrees.

President Kubo conferred degrees on the representatives of the graduating students from each course and delivered a farewell address.

Among his messages to the 425 graduates, the president said that “I hope that you will be proud to be alumni of Kyushu University and that you will use what you have learned here to pursue your dreams and to blaze a trail to the future, becoming leaders who provide the impetus that will drive global society.”

Mr. Tamer Abdelhady Badawy gave a speech as a representative of the graduating students.

Full text of President’s farewell address

A view of the Concert Hall during the ceremony

Mr. Tamer Abdelhady Badawy of the doctoral course of the Graduate School of Dental Science gives a speech