Dr. Tetsu Nakamura Commemorative Lecture

Release date: 2014.05.06




   On May 30, 2014 (Friday), approximately 550 people, including students and faculty of Kyushu University, attended Tetsu Nakamura’s swearing‐in ceremony for becoming a University Professor and his commemorative lecture at SHIIKI HALL in Ito Campus. This event was organized by the Institute for Advanced Study to celebrate Dr. Nakamura’s assumption of office.

 Dr. Nakamura, Executive Director of Peace (Japan) Medical Services (PMS) and Representative of Peshawar-kai in Pakistan and Afghanistan, graduated from Kyushu University School of Medicine in 1973.

 Following the opening remarks by Yoh Iwasa, Director of the Institute for Advanced Study, President Arikawa gave the appointment letter to Dr. Nakamura. “I am deeply honored to welcome Dr. Nakamura, who has been making a lifelong contribution to improving people’s lives in Pakistan and Afghanistan, to Kyushu University as a University Professor”, stated President Arikawa .

 In the commemorative lecture, Dr. Nakamura told the story of his 30 years of contribution toward changing both the living environment and the entire community in abandoned rural areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. “You can change and enhance daily life if you see the relationship between human beings and nature through diverse perspective”, Dr. Nakamura explained.

 For the final program of the event, an open discussion was moderated by students and Dr. Nakamura answered and discussed questions from the audience. 


(Top) Dr. Nakamura’s swearing‐in ceremony

(Middle) Dr. Nakamura at his lecture

(Bottom)Open discussion