Distinguished Professor Hiroyuki Sasaki receives Uehara Prize 2018

Release date: 2018.12.26



Dr. Hiroyuki Sasaki, Distinguished Professor of the Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Dean of the Institute for Advanced Study, and Senior Vice President of Kyushu University, has received the Uehara Prize 2018.

The Uehara Memorial Foundation was established as a 70th anniversary project of Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 1985 to commemorate the footsteps of their honorary chairperson, the late Shokichi Uehara, who promoted science as a member of the Diet. The Uehara Prize is one of the highest domestic prizes awarded to active researchers with remarkable achievements in the fields of life science, especially those related to health promotion, disease prevention, and medical treatment. Three Nobel Prize winners were awarded the Uehara Prize in the past.

Professor Sasaki has been studying the mechanisms of epigenetic regulation in mammals, and his research achievements have been appreciated as creative breakthroughs that contribute to the elucidation of pathogenesis of various diseases and development of effective therapeutics.

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