The Winner of Itoh Prize 2018FY

Release date: 2019.02.27



Mr. Alexander J. Creely, a Ph.D student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), has won the Itoh Prize in 2018. On Jan. 15th 2019, he attended the awarding ceremony with President of Kyushu University, Chiharu Kubo, accompanied by Prof. Shigeru Inagaki and Associate Prof. Yusuke Kosuga at Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University.

Kyushu University Itoh Project prize is an award initiated by Professor Emiritus, Sanae Itoh at Kyushu University. The prize is established in European Physical Society, sponsored by Kyushu University and co-organized by the Institute of Physics (IOP) publishing. The prize recognizes doctoral students who have achieved excellent performance in the research on plasma turbulence, transport, and confinement. The recipient is invited to Kyushu University for seminars and collaboration, and the former recipients are now actively involved in the research worldwide.

Mr. A.J. Creely is the 14th winner of the prize. His research aims to obtain universal feature of plasma turbulence, by comparing the experimental data and simulation results. The experiment was performed on the magnetic confinement devices in United States and Germany via electron temperature measurement. This research is highly evaluated by the committee, comprising of worldwide authorities on the subject.

Recently Japan is becoming more and more popular. Mr. Creely is also interested in Japanese culture and learned Japanese at MIT. In addition, he has spent two months at National Institute for Fusion Science, Gifu. During the conversion with President, Mr. Creely explained his current research and perspective, sometimes using fluent Japanese. He hopes to continue fusion research at MIT after obtaining Ph.D. We hope that this prize serves for the growth of young researchers, who support the future of the field of plasma and fusion research.

(From the left) Associate Prof. Kosuga, President Kubo, Mr. Creely, and Prof. Inagaki


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