Kyushu U commemorates 108 years since founding

Release date: 2019.06.24



Events held to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of Kyushu University

On Monday, May 13, Kyushu University puts its recent achievements on display and honored some of the people who helped get it here, along with those expected to lead it into the future, as it celebrated the anniversary of its founding—officially May 11—with a commemoration ceremony at Ito Campus’s Shiiki Hall.

President Chiharu Kubo began the invitation-only portion of the ceremony with a state of the university address and then extend letters of appreciation to some of the people who have made significant contributions to the university in recent years. Following the conferment of Professor Emeritus titles, two previous student recipients of the Yamakawa Prize, which recognizes strength of character, excellence in academics, and demonstration of the qualities needed to be future leaders, gave speeches.

The ceremony continued with an open-to-the-public special lecture delivered by Professor Chihaya Adachi, director of the Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research, to an audience of approximately 200 people. In his typical fascinating and easily accessible manner, Prof. Adachi discussed the endless possibilities that organic materials can open through the discovery of appropriate molecular designs and his experiences transitioning innovations created at the university to start-up companies.

In addition to the ceremony, the university opened 17 research facilities across its multiple campuses to the public on Saturday, May 11, to raise awareness about the advanced educational programs provided by Kyushu University.

President Chiharu Kubo at the commemoration ceremony

Professor Chihaya Adachi delivering a special lecture