Prof. Yasufuku named honorary doctor of Mongolian Academy of Sciences

Release date: 2019.07.03



Professor Noriyuki Yasufuku of Kyushu University's Faculty of Engineering has received an honorary doctorate from the Mongolian Academy of Sciences for “achievements in the development of ecosystem research and combating desertification in Mongolia” and in recognition of a ten-year research study between Mongolia and Japan.

This honorary doctorate is the highest honor awarded by the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and is presented annually to a maximum of three non-Mongolian researchers. Professor Yasufuku is the third Japanese researcher to receive this honor since 2010.

An awards ceremony was held at the Mongolian Academy of Sciences on Thursday, June 6. After the ceremony, Professor Yasufuku gave a commemorative lecture entitled “Mongolian Academy of Sciences Kyushu University Joint Research Greening Project since 2009.”

The first half of this ten-year joint research project was conducted using public KAKENHI research grants with the support of joint research on medicinal plants with the town of Genkai in Saga Prefecture. The project focused on the prevention of land degradation in arid areas through in situ surveys, monitoring, and analysis related to the ground environment and the state of wild medicinal plants. Since last year, with the financial support of the Kyushu University Crowdfunding Project, Professor Yasufuku’s team has been working together with local residents to develop a sustainable system for preventing desertification through the cultivation of medicinal plants and herbs.

Going forward, researchers are turning their efforts to develop low-cost and low-energy methods of cultivation and reforestation that help save water in the village of Bogd, where the research is being carried out. Moving forward, the team plans to test the viability of the research through social implementation as Professor Yasufuku works together with his research partners to develop sustainable technologies that work not only for the residents of Bogd but across all of Mongolia hoping that the outcomes will greatly improve living conditions and prevent land degradation.

Prof. Noriyuki Yasufuku (left) at the awards ceremony

After the ceremony with ceremony participants

Drone photo taken at the revegetation site

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