“Kyushu Debate Open 2019”, one of Asia's leading English debate competitions, held at Kyushu University

Release date: 2019.10.10



Kyushu Debate Open (QDO) 2019, one of Asia's leading international English debate tournaments, was held at Ito Campus from August 10th to 11th. This tournament is the largest international debate competition of this kind in Japan and is held every August by a student-run executive committee, which mainly consists of ESS debate section members of Kyushu University. The format in this tournament follows the “BP (British Parliamentary)” or “Worlds” style, the same as the World University Debating Championship. This year, the event was sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA), the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Fukuoka Prefecture and Fukuoka City, also supported by private organizations such as Benesse and the West Japan International Foundation. 94 debaters and 19 adjudicators (Japan, Korea, China, Philippine, Singapore, etc.) took part in the competition and world-class adjudicators were also invited to make the QDO a high-quality tournament.

The tournament has been developed as a convention committed to society at large, not as an isolated event in debate communities. Since last year, QDO have focused on “SDGs” adopted by the United Nations. We provided opportunities for elites across Asia to deepen discussions on multiple themes of SDGs, and also provided Debate/SDGs education opportunities for junior/senior high school students as well.

Following the tournament, on the 12th, a “2nd International Research Conference for Parliamentary Debate Education” (hosted by the International Society for Teaching Debate was also held. This was very important for debate communities to continue and improve debating activities, with researchers and educators from various countries giving presentations on and discuss challenges of future debate education.

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