The 2nd NTU-KYUSHU COLLOQUIUM deepens university relationships through online seminars

Release date: 2020.07.07



The 2nd NTU-KYUSHU COLLOQUIUM was held on Friday, June 15, through online seminars to promote further interaction with NTU, an important partner institution at the university level located close to Kyushu U’s office in Taipei. Being held for the second time, the colloquium provided an opportunity for researchers to exchange opinions about academic interests and possibilities for research and education exchange. This year, it was held as a webinar due to the global outbreak of COVID-19.

The plenary session in the morning opened with welcome remarks by Senior Vice President Koichiro Watanabe followed by remarks from Executive Vice President Chiapei Chou from NTU. Keynote lectures on the topic of online classes were then given by Professor Hsin-Mu Tsai from NTU and Professor Koji Okamura of the Research Institute for Information Technology of Kyushu U. Next, Dr. Lu-Cheng Kuo from NTU and Professor Yoshihide Mori of the Faculty of Dental Science of Kyushu U gave lectures on the theme of telemedicine. In addition, a total of four student representatives, two from each university, made presentations about how their student life experiences have been affected by COVID-19.

The afternoon featured breakout sessions in the ten research fields of forestry, Japanese linguistics and literature, university museums, education, cultural heritage, urban planning, economic and environmental geology, telemedicine, marine ecology, and physical oceanography. In parallel with them, a student forum that provided 20 students from both universities with the opportunity to present their research in English was held.

A part of the colloquium was delivered live on YouTube and was watched by a maximum of 771 people.

Colloquium participants discussing online

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