SDGs Design International Awards 2020

Creative ideas using design to solve pandemic-related challenges recognized in the second year of the awards

Release date: 2021.01.25



The final presentation and award ceremony of SDGs Design International Awards 2020 were held online on November 10, 2020.

The theme was “Overcoming the Pandemic, Design for Evolution,” attracting a total of 184 applications from high schools and higher educational institutions from 16 countries and regions.

A wide range of ideas was received, including those that can be implemented immediately to respond to this unprecedented crisis, ways of living and working for the post-coronavirus era, and proposals for social systems and international cooperation.

The five finalists presented fresh ideas full of young artistic sense, and their work has high potential for immediate application amid the pandemic. After a rigorous judging process the day of the event, the Grand Prize was awarded as follows.

<Grand Prize>

The Vessel
Viany Sutisna, Bonaventura Kevin Satria, Faith Lim Rui En
(National University of Singapore)

Please see the official SDGs Design International Awards 2020 website for more details.

5 Finalists and Judges

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