Courtesy call by the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam

Release date: 2014.02.28




    On February 21, 2014 (Friday), Prof. Yamada, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, received a courtesy call by eight officials from Vietnam including Bùi Văn Ga, Vice Minister, Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam.
  Vietnam is aiming to become the first country in Southeast Asia to operate a Nuclear Power Plant with the hopes of developing the economy. Japan has signed an agreement to construct a second nuclear power plant (the first one will be constructed by Russia) with two reactors in the Ninh Thuan area.

  After touring the relevant facilities in Ito Campus, the members of the group had a discussion with Prof. Yamada, Vice dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Watanabe, and Prof. Morita, Director of the Department of Applied Quantum Physics and Nuclear Engineering.
  Vice Minister Bùi explained that the Government of Vietnam is planning to send 350 students and researchers to Japanese Universities to earn Master’s degrees and Doctoral degrees during the years 2016 to 2021. Prof. Yamada expressed his sincere gratitude for their visit and agreed to accept Master's and Doctorate students from Vietnam as they requested.
  Kyushu University and Vietnam International Education Development of the Ministry of Education and Training (VIED-MOET) are going to conclude an MOU on the acceptance of Vietnamese Students.


(Top) Prof. Yamada(Left) and Vice Minister Bùi Văn Ga(Right)
(Bottom) Commemorative photo at the facility

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