Real-time communication between Kyushu University and ISS

Release date: 2014.02.06




   On February 4, 2014 (Tuesday), Kyushu University held the Real-time communication event at Memorial Auditorium in Hakozaki Campus. The event was co-sponsored by Fukuoka prefecture.

 Before the main talk event, the audience enjoyed various programs including: a lecture by Mr. Yoshio Tokaku of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA); the live broadcasting weather report by Yasuaki Tatsuyama (class of 1989); and the space related goods store presentation organized by the Kyushu University CO-OP.

 Nearly 2000 people, including the audience at Kyushu Institute of Technology, were all excited and applauded when Astronaut Wakata showed up on the screen at 8:35pm, Earth time. Professor Shigeru Aso, a Master of ceremonies at the event and whom is also Dr. Wasata’s former teacher, introduced Mr. Ogawa, Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture, and President Arikawa for a brief conversation. The sound was loud and clear and there was almost no delay in communication.
 A total of 10 young students, mainly elementary and middle school pupils, along with several from Kyushu University, who have a dream to work in the space industry, communicated with an astronaut in outer space for their first time. They asked what they wondered about living in outer space and how to be an astronaut. Dr. Wakata answered each question with his own experience and lessons.

 From March 2014, Astronaut Wakata will serve as the ISS commander, becoming the first Japanese person to do so. The whole of Kyushu University will continue to support astronaut Wakata to carry on with his challenge and mission. 



(Top) Communicating in real-time with Astronaut Wakata

(Middle) The audience at the venue

(Bottom) Sending a message to Dr. Wakata together from the audience

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