6 Kyushu U joint research projects selected for MIRAI2.0 seed funding of Japan-Sweden inter-university consortium

Release date: 2022.01.26




MIRAI2.0, an academic alliance of 19 Swedish and Japanese universities, invited applications for seed funding to encourage further development of existing and new collaborations based on innovative projects and new ideas among MIRAI2.0 member universities. A total of 24 collaborative projects were selected across the five priority areas of Ageing, AI, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Materials Science, and Sustainability.

Six of the 24 proposals were chosen as projects with main applicants from Kyushu University.

Applicants will collaborate on the selected projects to promote joint research and programs, write co-authored papers, secure external funding, and develop short-term courses for doctoral students and postdocs, among other things, depending on the theme and purpose of each project.


Projects led by researchers at Kyushu U as main applicants:
*(  ) denotes the Swedish main applicant’s university, and [  ] denotes the MIRAI2.0 research area.

"Comparison of components and determinants of quality of life among older LGBTQ+ people living in Japan and Sweden"
Tsukasa Muraya, Research Assistant Professor, Faculty of Design (Linnaeus University) [Ageing]

"AI to predict stress levels in caregivers and patients"
Ryo Kurazume, Professor, Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering (Örebro University) [AI]

"Sustainable energy and water purification via photocatalysis using solar energy"
Hikaru Saito, Associate Professor, Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering (Linköping University) [Materials Science]

"Electronic-grade Ternary III-Nitride Semiconductor Nanorods and Nanoheterostructures for High Efficiency Optoelectronics"
Kazuhiro Yasuda, Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering (Linköping University) [Materials Science]

"North-South Divide and Capital Flow: Exploring the Impact of Partnership"
Alexander Ryota Keeley, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering (Uppsala University) [Sustainability]

"Marketing technology (MARTECH) for customer behavioral transformation to rapidly reduce food wastes"
Shunsuke Managi, Distinguished Professor, Faculty of Engineering (Karlstad University) [Sustainability]

For further information:

In addition, there is an annual "MIRAI 2.0 Research and Innovation Week" conference held by MIRAI2.0, where all of the member universities gather to share ideas and give presentations at various levels of expertise.

Kyushu University plans to host this year’s conference at its Ito Campus.


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