Holding of the FY2013 autumn entrance ceremony

Release date: 2013.12.27




  On October 1, 2013 (Tuesday), the FY2013 autumn entrance ceremony and the opening ceremony of the short-term stay program for foreign students were held on the Hakozaki campus. A total of 353 students were admitted, including 23 in undergraduate courses (international undergraduate courses (*1)), 133 in masters courses, 123 in doctorate courses and 74 in two short-term stay courses for foreign students (JTW(*2) and JLCC(*3)).
  Until two years ago, the entrance ceremony and opening ceremony in the autumn were held separately for students in international undergraduate courses, those in graduate schools and those in the two short-term stay programs for foreign students. However, these ceremonies were held as joint events for the entire university for the first time in the previous fiscal year and for the second time this year. As around 90% of the students admitted in October were foreign students, the ceremonies were held entirely in English.  
  At the ceremonies, President Arikawa explained the history of Kyushu University, the nine basic principles established on the occasion of the centenary of the university’s foundation in 2011 and notable educational activities in recent years. By way of welcome for the new students, he said: “I hope that you will lead a meaningful student life and will achieve the goals you have set for your study.”  
  Next, Mr. Ding Jian, consul at the Chinese consulate-general in Fukuoka, as well as Director Francine Méoule and Deputy Director Jean-Charles Schenker of the Institut français du Japon-Kyushu were introduced as guests, and Director Méoule made a speech.
  Finally, three new students made speeches expressing their gratitude for the welcome and voicing hopes for a student life. The three students were RUGWONGPRAYOON,Adisada(from Thailand) of the School of Agriculture, PUNTSAGDAMBA, Nomintsetseg(from Mongolia) of the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies, and LAO,Magarita (a Portuguese resident in the United States) of JTW(Japan in Today's World Program).   

(*1) A bachelor’s degree course in which lectures are provided entirely in English. This course started in October 2010 at the School of Engineering and the School of Agriculture.
(*2) Japan in Today’s World Program: a short-term stay course – 10 months or one term ― for foreign students at the undergraduate level. Lectures concerning Japanese political, economic and cultural affairs are provided in English.
(*3) Japanese Language and Culture Course (Japanese language and culture training course): a course intended to enable students studying the Japanese language or culture as their main subject at Western and Asian universities to improve their Japanese language skills and deepen their understanding of Japanese society and culture during a one-year stay in Japan.


(Top) President Arikawa delivering a speech
(Middle) Director Méoule of the Institut français du Japon-Kyushu delivering a welcome speech
(Bottom) A scene of the ceremony