Holding of the FY2013 autumn diploma awarding ceremony

Release date: 2013.12.27




   On September 24, 2013 (Tuesday), the FY2013 autumn diplomat awarding ceremony was held on the Hakozaki campus, with degrees conferred to a total of 343 students, including 46 in undergraduate courses, 97 in masters courses, 5 in professional graduate courses and 195 in doctorate courses.
 The ceremony was attended by students who had met the requirements for completion of their courses in April this year or later. President Arikawa handed diplomas to representatives of the various courses.
 In a farewell speech at the ceremony, President Arikawa said: “I hope that you will boldly take on challenges by making full use of the valuable experiences and knowledge that you have acquired at Kyushu University and also by learning positive and negative lessons from Japan’s past experiences and the way the country is dealing with and resolving difficult problems now.” President Arikawa concluded his speech by praying for the departing students to play a successful role as leaders in the global community. As a representative of the departing students, Mr. Suguru Kawase, who completed a doctorate course in the Graduate School of Humanities, made an address in reply. In his address, Mr. Kawase said: “We must overtake our predecessors while respecting what they have achieved in the past. What we have acquired at Kyushu University is the capability to blaze a trail. Keeping firmly in mind that where we are now is not a goal but a starting point, we will take a new step forward with a pride in what we have learned at Kyushu University.”
  After the ceremony, many departing students had pictures of themselves with friends and family members taken under the university billboard displayed on the stage.


(Top) A scene of the ceremony (a farewell speech by President Arikawa)
(Bottom) Mr. Suguru Kawase, who completed a doctorate course of the Graduate School of Humanities delivering a speech in reply

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