Inspection of the Ito Campus by Busan’s Mayor

Release date: 2013.12.27




   On September 7, 2013, Mayor Hur Nam-sik of Busan Metropolitan City visited the Ito Campus.  
  Mayor Hur expressed his wish to visit the campus when he attended the eighth meeting of the Fukuoka-Busan Forum in Fukuoka the previous day.
After he was greeted by Executive Vice President Katsumi Imaizumi (a member of the Board) at the Big Orange information center of the new campus, Mayor Hur received explanations about the campus development plan from Deputy Chief Takeru Sakai of the New Campus Planning Office and asked questions.   

  After going around the campus under the guidance of Deputy Chief Sakai, Mayor Hur visited Hamachi Shuzo K.K. (Suginoya) (Motooka in Nishi-ku, Fukuoka City), which sells a Japanese sake of the Kyushu University brand under a regional partnership program with the university.  
  In his visit to the campus, Mayor Hur was accompanied by officials from the international cooperation division of Busan Metropolitan City’s Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau and the international division of Fukuoka City’s General Affairs & Planning Bureau.


(Top) Executive Vice President Imaizumi (a member of the Board) giving a welcome speech (Mayor Hur sitting in the front seat)
(Middle) Mayor Hur exchanging opinions with Deputy Chief Sakai of the New Campus Planning Office
(Bottom) A scene of the visit to Hamachi Shuzo

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