Conferring of emeritus doctorate to Professor Jurgen Basedow

Release date: 2013.12.27




  On September 4, 2013 (Wednesday), Kyushu University conferred an emeritus doctorate (*1) to Professor Jürgen Basedow of the University of Hamburg, who is Director of the Max Planck Institute of Foreign and International Private Law.  
  Professor Jürgen Basedow, who is a noted expert in international private law, has made remarkable achievements particularly in the field of international private law related to economic affairs. Moreover, because of his broad academic knowldge and global perspective, he has served as secretary-general of the International Academy of Comparative Law, which is the oldest and most authortative insittution in the field of comparative law, and is also a member of the Institut de Droit International, another authoritative institution.

  Professor Basedow has made notable contributions to the educational and research activities of Kyushu University. He is engaging in active exchanges with academic institutions in Japan and other Asian countries. He has maintained particilarly close exchanges with Kyushu University through such activities as co-organizing internatonal research meetings and delivering a series of lactures at Kyushu University. Professor Basedow has also made great contributions to the research activities of Kyushu University’s teaching staff. In addition, he devoted enormous efforts to the conclusion of agreements on academic and students‘ exchanges between the Faculty of Law and Law School of Kyushu University and Bucerius Law School, which is the only private law school in Germany and which has a very high reputation.  
  Kyushu University has decided to confer an emeritus doctorate to Professor Basedow for making these remarkable contributions to enhancing, invigorating and developing the educational and research activities of the university.


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