Kyushu University Annual festivals

Release date: 2013.12.09




    The 66th Kyudai-sai, Kyushu University’s annual school festival, was held Saturday through Sunday, November 23-24, 2013 at Ito Campus.

 The slogan of this year was “Itonomics” a coined word inspired by “Abenomics” which is also a coined word by blending the name of the Japanese PM Abe and the word Economics. The festival committee chose this slogan to express their young energy and passion. Visitors enjoyed a variety of food, exhibits, performances and events including a Karaoke competition as a new program.

 As was the case with last year’s event, the Festival attracted over 20,000 visitors and successfully closed with fireworks.

 Meanwhile, the 10th Geikou-sai was held at Ohashi Campus with the mysterious theme of “X” and attracted many visitors. Ohashi Campus is the campus of the School/Graduate school of Design. Thus, the festival displayed students’ excellence in arts by presenting fashion shows, art performances and special installations which are secretly prepared and unveiled only on the day of the festival.

 Also, as is customary, students carried on the event called “The Fire festival”. At the Fire Festival, students and visitors scream and dance around a bonfire along with the sound of drums. This year marked the 42nd time since this traditional event started before Kyushu University integrated with the Kyushu Institute of Design.