Kyushu University Birdman Team wins the tournament!

Release date: 2015.09.11




 Kyushu University Birdman Team won the 38th Japan International Birdman Rally held on July 25-26th, 2015. The team participated in the glider category, where contestants compete in flight distance, and won first place with a flight of 373.75 meters. The glider operated by Mr. Ishimaru, the pilot who has also flown in previous tournaments, attracted the audience by soaring through perfect blue skies.
 The team held the record for longest flight as a student team in this category, yet this was their 1st victory that they had been dreaming of achieving.

 The team received a congratulatory message from JAXA astronaut Koichi Wakata, who was also in the club when he was a student of Kyushu University. The team also visited the President of the University to report their victory.


(Top) Commemorative photo with the glider before the flight
(Middle) The glider soaring through the sky
(Bottom) Members of the team and President Kubo

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