Welcome Tea for International Students

Release date: 2013.08.05




   On June 21, 2013, a welcome tea for international students was held at the Ito Guest House on Ito Campus. Despite the rainy weather, the party was attended by nearly 100 people, including international students who just entered the university this spring as well as Japanese students and other international research fellows.
  The Ito Guest House is a lodging facility for research fellows, which was completed in April last year. It has an event space for common use, and the tea ceremony was held in the hall and in the Japanese-style room, surrounded by a warm atmosphere of wooden architecture.
  By participating in the tea ceremony or the way of tea, a part of traditional Japanese culture, the international students had the chance to learn about the importance of gratitude and courtesy, and were able to develop a dialogue among themselves. As international students and research fellows are busy with their studies and work every day, they do not have many opportunities to experience traditional Japanese culture. Many of those who attended enjoyed participating in the tea ceremony and interacting with people whom they usually have little chance to communicate with.


(Top) Attendees receiving a lecture on tea ceremony in the hall
(Middle) Participating in the tea ceremony
(Bottom) Making tea