Academic Year 2013 Events Held to Commemorate Kyushu University’s Anniversary

Release date: 2013.08.05




  Kyushu University celebrated its anniversary by holding a special lecture on May 5 and a commemoration ceremony on May 10, holding a number of events on campus, including some special lectures.At these lectures, Professor Hideo Hattori (Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies) delivered a presentation titled "How to Look at History—Focusing on the Picture of Toyotomi Hideyoshi," and Professor Hiroyuki Sasaki (Medical Institute of Bioregulation) delivered a presentation titled "Gene Switching to Determine the Destiny of Cells and Regenerative Medicine." The audience of more than 300 people, including local citizens and university staff members, listened attentively to the interesting topics presented by Kyushu University’s researchers.
  At the May 10 commemoration ceremony began with, President Arikawa reporting the current status and recent achievements of Kyushu University. Then, the ceremony moved to extending letters of appreciation to people who have made great contributions to the university, as well as Professor Emeritus title conferments, and presenting the award for the Challenge and Creation (C&C) Project President's Prize, followed by a speech by the winner, and the presentation of results by students who participated in the Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Program (QREP). A boisterous cheer from the university's cheerleading team marked the end of the ceremony.
  Many other events were also held on each University campus to widely publicize the advanced educational programs provided by Kyushu University.


(Top) Special lecture
(Middle) Offering of a letter of appreciation
(Bottom) Event held at Chikushi Campus

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