Kyushu University Manabi-tai Joins the Parade at Hakata Dontaku Festival

Release date: 2013.08.05



  On May 3, 2013, a group consisting of about 200 Kyushu University students and staff members, called the Kyushu University Manabi-tai, joined the Hakata Dontaku Minato Matsuri Festival parade, an annual tradition for Fukuoka citizens.
  This year, in preparation for the group's fourth time participating in the parade, students formed a festival committee for the first time, creating and implementing an actual parade plan. Taking the Dontaku Parade as an opportunity to launch international exchange among students, in addition to furthering interactions between students and local citizens, the group arranged a gathering of international students and Japanese students in April to make a practice run before the parade.
  On the day of the parade, rows of Japanese and international students as well as university staff members, including Vice Presidents Imaizumi and Yasuura, collectively formed a nine-color rainbow with their colored T-shirts to symbolize Kyushu University’s diversity. The parade lasted for about 30 minutes in the Fukuoka City Center, where many danced to the university song, and played clappers called Naruko, Favored by good weather and with massive applause and cheering from a number of spectators along the road, the parade was an animated and exciting event.
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