C&C Project 2014 President’s Award Ceremony Takes Place

Release date: 2015.10.07




 The C&C Project 2014 President’s Award Ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 26, 2015.
 This project implemented by QREC supports unique research and practical projects demonstrating a bold or entrepreneurial approach that have been planned by Kyushu University students themselves.
 This year, one project was selected to receive the President’s Award, while two projects received the Excellence Award.


◆President’s Award
Development of a new rotary wind tunnel capable of reproducing fluctuations in wind direction
Representative name / Joshua Roan
Undergraduate school / The 21st Century Program
Year / B3

◆Excellence Award
Development of auxiliary materials for chemistry experiments in high schools
Representative name / Yoichi Sasaki
Undergraduate school / School of Engineering
Year / B4

Camera-based vacant seat information delivery system
Representative name / Daisuke Nakai
Graduate / Graduate School of Economics
Year / M2

For more information: Robert T. Huang Entrepreneurship Center


(Top) President Kubo and Mr. Joshua Roan
(Bottom) Commemorative photo at the Ceremony


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