Students Proposed Internationalization Strategies for the University

Release date: 2012.05.09




   The Student Committee for the Internationalization of Kyushu University (SCIKyu) submitted two proposals to Dr. Kotoku Kurachi, then Executive Vice President, on March 26, 2012. The proposals were entitled: Improving Campus Life of International Students and Internationalization of Japanese Students.
 In accordance with the Global 30 initiative, SCIKyu, which consists of 11 students and 4 faculty members, was formed last July with the aims of promoting interactions between Japanese and international students, and facilitating the internationalization of Kyushu University through proactive discussions and activities.
 SCIKyu’s suggestions include using English along with Japanese on all signs and announcements on campus, providing facilities for forums and opportunities for cross-cultural interactions, and requiring all students to attain a certain level in standardized English proficiency tests. The University will consider the details of the proposals before providing official responses.



(Top) Representative of SCIKyu submitting the proposal
(Bottom) At a meeting of SCIKyu

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