Internationally-Active Alumna Spoke of Her Activities

Release date: 2012.05.09



   Ms. Yuriko Matsuda, an alumna of Kyushu University and currently an active social worker in New York City, spoke about her career under the theme of “Working Abroad” at Hakozaki Campus on February 13, 2012. About 30 undergraduate students and graduates came to hear her speak.
 She was a member of the inaugural class of The 21st Century Program of Kyushu University. While she was an undergraduate, she spent a year abroad at University of Bristol as an exchange student. After graduation, she received a scholarship from Monbukagakusho, and earned her Master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work in U.S. Currently, she serves as  Director of GO Families at the GO Project, Inc, a 501c(3) Non Profit Organization in New York City.
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