Minister Masaharu Nakagawa Visit Ito Campus

Release date: 2012.02.23




  On Wednesday, December 14, 2011, Masaharu Nakagawa, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology inspected Ito Campus.
   Mr. Nakagawa visited the research building of the Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research (OPERA) and toured the facility while receiving an explanation on the facility outline of the new research building, the implementation system of research projects, and the achievement of the research on the new luminescent material for Organic Electroluminescence from OPERA Project Leader, Professor Chihaya Adachi,.
   Mr. Nakagawa also looked around Hydrogen Station on the campus, the Wind-Lens turbines, the plaque of the Center Zone, and the bust of Kenjiro Yamakawa, the first president of the university, and finished his visit of about one hour.

Top:  Minister Nakagawa receiving an explanation from Professor Adachi, OPERA Project Leader
Bottom: In front of the plaque of the Center Zone, Minister Nakagawa with    President Arikawa