Winner Decided for the Itoh Project Prize

Release date: 2012.02.23




    On Tuesday, October 25, 2011, Natalia Kosolapova (Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences and Université Henri Poincaré, Nancy, France), the winner of the Itoh Project Prize in Plasma Turbulence, visited President Arikawa, accompanied by Professor Sanae Itoh (Research Institute for Applied Mechanics), at the president’s office, where she was awarded with the prize.
   The Itoh Project Prize in Plasma Turbulence, bearing the name of Professor Sanae Itoh, was established at the European Physical Society (plasma physics), and is co-hosted by the Institute of Physics (IOP) Publishing and also sponsored by Kyushu University.
   This award is to recognize doctoral students who have achieved excellent performance in the research on plasma turbulence. The winners are to be invited to Kyushu University, where an opportunity is provided for them to give lectures and engage in joint research, as well as to help broaden their own horizons. Previous winners have been working actively throughout the world.
   With the selection made by the committee comprised of internationally respected researchers, Natalia Kosolapova became the winner of the 7th Itoh Prize. Kosolapova was recognized for her achievements in the development of identification methodology of plasma turbulence properties and theoretical research on the measurement method.
   The award ceremony was also attended by Stella Oldenbürger, the 4th winner, who works as an assistant professor at the Itoh Research Center for Plasma Turbulance at the university. After the presentation of the award, the attendees enjoyed friendly conversation, where Kosolapova talked about how impressed she was with becoming the winner of the Itoh Project Prize, as well as touching on her lectures at Kyushu University and her vision of her future studies. On this occasion, the university’s efforts to promote an international career path were also introduced.


From left to right: President Arikawa, Ms. Kosolapova, and Professor Itoh