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Response to the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake

To those who are going to Kumamoto for returning home and for volunteering.(About the notice when moving into a disaster area)



The access to the disaster area is possible by restoration of roads and public transportations, but basic lifelines such as water or electricity are still under restoration and large-scale aftershocks also continue at multiple areas.
If you are returning to a disaster area (such as Kumamoto) for inevitable reason or participating a recruited volunteer activity under such condition, please correspond as follows as a result of take into consideration the fact that you might be suffered at the time of activity.

1. When staying in a disaster area, please send the following information to the e-mail address written below.
   ・Name (with Katakana)
   ・Student ID
   ・Your Cell Phone Number
   ・Your Cell Phone E-mail Address
   ・Your Destination (write all of your destinations)
   ・Period of Staying at a disaster area
   ・Purpose (such as returning home, volunteer activities. If there is any particular place or organization, please write its name and contact information)

   【E-mail Address】 qdai-sien-st@jimu.kyushu-u.ac.jp

2. When moving into a disaster area, please be sure to make contact with your parents (guardian or bearer of school expenses) beforehand.

3. When moving into a disaster area as a group such as a circle/club, please make sure to obtain a permission of its supervisor.

4. When participating in volunteer activities at a disaster area, please be sure to join a volunteer insurance.

In this time of disaster, we have seen tragic accidents associated with a lack of information about one’s location. Based on this experience, we strongly ask you to keep it in mind that you will not enter a disaster area when no one knows your situation/location.

※ Those who are already staying in a disaster area, please also correspond as instructed above.
(However, you are not required to follow the instruction if you have already contacted us in some way)