Public Relations



DISCOVERY 2016-2017

  • A Message from the President : A University Always Facing Up to Future Challenges History
  • Education : Broad-Based Learning and Deep Specialization
  • Research : World-leading research and Industry-university public-private partnership
  • Global : Enhancing International Exchange Programs as a Global Leader in Education and Research
  • Kyushu University Hospital : Leading Japanese Medicine, Transmitting It to the World
  • Kyushu University Library : Learning, Teaching, and Research Hub
  • Ito Campus:Science and Research Park Core
  • Student Life and Career Support

DISCOVERY 2014-2015

  • A Message from the President
  • Quality Education for True Leadership - KIKAN Education
  • World-Class Researches Drowing Attention across Broad Sectors
  • Industry-academia-government Collaboration
  • Bolstering Global Development through International Exchange Program
  • Cutting-edge Medical care, Education and Research - University Hospital
  • Learning, Teaching, and Research Hub - University Library
  • Academic Calendar
  • Student Life and Career support
  • Science and Research Park Core - Ito Campus

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