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For faculty and staff

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Online Classes / Teleconferencing


Distance learning is being investigated from educational, economic and information security perspectives. Make sure to stay up to date and act accordingly.

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Kyushu U

COVID-19 Virtual Forum


At Kyushu University our intention is to secure education and research by both faculty and staff sharing experiences and ideas with each other. Currently, the following nine topics are on the agenda:

  • An introduction to conducting online classes
  • Implementation methods for online classes (class design, grade evaluation methods etc.)
  • Laboratory and seminar management methods
  • Using M2B systems
  • Conscious awareness for the disabled
  • Building bonds with new and current students
  • Precautions and methods of working from home
  • English Topics
  • News from the Education Innovation Initiative (Information Exchange Portal)

Internet forum

Working arrangements


In response to the declaration of the State of Emergency on April 7th, our university promotes working from home. Please confirm its implementation period with the Guidance. In addition, please pay attention to information security when working from home.

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For those who commute to the Ito Campus, the operating times of Showa and Nishitetsu Buses keep changing with the announcement of the State of Emergency. Please keep in mind that public transport schedules may change for other campuses as well. If you are commuting to work by car, please make sure that you have an extended entry permit.

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Using the Laboratories


Proceed with working in shifts, working at home, working from home or in staggered hours etc. to reduce contact with people.

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Student Support


Students are now experiencing a high amount of anxiety from unprecedented events, with their families losing income due to the economic conditions or by having to take classes online. We are continuously thinking about various support measures for them.

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