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Overcoming COVID-19
Overcoming COVID-19

Introducing some examples of the research and initiatives at Kyushu U aiming to overcome the challenges posed by the novel coronavirus.

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Research and initiatives

Mental health app supports university students

Kyushu University researchers independently developed a smartphone app called the ‘Mental App’ through a unique collaborative effort combining psychiatry and arts and design studies.

Student Safety and Security Plan With & Beyond COVID-19

As we adapt to the "new normal" brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kyushu University has formulated the "Student Safety and Security Plan With & Beyond COVID-19" to ensure our students can study with peace of mind.

Understanding mentality and behavior in Japan in response to COVID-19

In the first systematic research exploring the psychobehavioral status of the general public in Japan during a public health emergency, researchers at Kyushu University have revealed how personality, morality, and ideology altered mental health status as well as preventive behaviors toward COVID-19.

Uncovering COVID-19’s impact on the energy transition

Exploring the unique set of scenarios put into motion by the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers from Kyushu University have identified short and long term impacts it may have on achieving global carbon emission targets and the Sustainable Development Goals along with lessons that can be learned to help advance these global initiatives.

Avoiding congested buses with itocon

Professor Yutaka Arakawa and Assistant Professor Shigemi Ishida from the HumanoPhilic Systems Lab at ISEE, along with the Center of Coevolutionary Research for Sustainable Communities, have developed a new system called “itocon” for the New Lifestyle that gives you information about congestion at bus stops to make students’ and faculty members’ staggered commuting easier to the Ito campus.


Past events

Mathematical Sciences Fighting with Infectious Diseases (Held online)

Making it clear in a broad way to the general public how mathematics and mathematical sciences fight with the world-shattering infectious diseases, the Institute of Mathematics for Industry hosted a session "Mathematical Sciences Fighting with Infectious Diseases" with three mathematics-related academic societies at the "Interdisciplinary / Inter-industry Research Exchange Meeting 2020."

SDGs Design International Awards 2020

To overcome the global crisis caused by COVID-19, design innovation is necessary. The SDGs Design International Awards 2020 is focusing on solutions for issues related to the pandemic and will recognize outstanding ideas collected from students all over the world.