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2018.12.11 Research Results Life & Health
Pathological mechanism of peroxisome biogenesis disorders
2018.11.09 Research Results Physics & Chemistry
New Method for Enhancing the Sensitivity of NMR/MRI at Room Temperature
2018.11.01 Research Results Life & Health
Discovery of novel proteins essential for DNA break repair
2018.09.18 Research Results Life & Health
Citrus-like smell disturbs working memory for orange colours
2018.09.12 Research Results Physics & Chemistry
Technetium-98 nuclear cosmochronometer synthesized by supernova neutrinos
2018.09.05 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Technology
Ultra-high sensitive detection of organic gases using micro-sized gas sensors
2018.08.24 Research Results Life & Health
Mysteries of Okinawan Habu Venom Decoded
2018.08.21 Research Results Life & Health
Analysis of an emotional gap induced by smell
2018.07.09 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Technology
Exciton limits are meant to be broken: OLED surpasses 100% exciton production efficiency
2018.07.06 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Novel Method of Quantifying Cesium-rich Microparticles released from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (FDNPP)

2018.07.02 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology Environment & Sustainability
Electron doping improves photocatalytic activity for H2 and O2 evolution