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2021.10.08 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Technology Environment & Sustainability
Low-cost, continuous seismic monitoring system to support emission reduction efforts
New system enables closer monitoring of underground activity in geothermal reservoirs and sequestered carbon dioxide for improved safety and efficiency
2021.09.24 Research Results Humanities & Social Sciences Environment & Sustainability
In the race to reduce car emissions, don't forget longevity
Extending car lifetime and first-owner possession length can reduce overall emissions more than accelerating replacement according to new study
2021.09.14 Research Results Life & Health Physics & Chemistry
Building the ovarian environment from stem cells
Researchers successfully reconstitute the ovarian follicle from mouse stem cells
2021.08.23 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology
One material with two functions could lead to faster memory
Researchers use perovskite to develop a memory device readable through both electrical and optical methods
2021.07.15 Research Results Life & Health
Biomolecular bonsai: Controlling the pruning and strengthening of neuron branches
Researchers identify molecular cues that make developing neurons remodel their connections
2021.07.02 Research Results Life & Health
Uncovering the genetic mechanism behind Rett syndrome
Dysfunction in key gene causes neural stem cells to produce more astrocytes than neurons
2021.06.16 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Technology
Researchers create switchable mirrors from liquid metal
Approach could be used to create electrically controlled mirrors for art or advanced devices
2021.06.04 Research Results Life & Health
How do bad kidneys lead to heart disease? Broken cellular clocks provide new clues
Researchers find how chronic kidney disease induces heart inflammation through white blood cells
2021.05.19 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology
Cheap, non-toxic material for photoactive electronics and chemistry in the spotlight
Successful synthesis of perovskite visible-light-absorbing semiconductor material
2021.04.26 Research Results Life & Health
Effect of cool airflow on comfort more than just a feeling
Study uses both subjective and physiological measurements to show the influence of cooling airflow direction on comfort
2021.04.06 Research Results Math & Data Environment & Sustainability
Ushering in a new age of urban energy efficiency with smart buildings
Buildings utilizing artificial intelligence promise to reduce energy consumption through better control and optimization
2021.04.01 Research Results Life & Health
Protein deficiency linked to fluid buildup in brain
New research shows that dysfunction of the protein Tsukushi causes hydrocephalus by altering neuron generation in the mouse brain
2021.03.11 Research Results Technology Environment & Sustainability
Understanding adhesion, one molecule at a time
Researchers observe adhesion of a single polymer chain on a surface in their quest to develop an innovative adhesion technology
2021.03.10 Research Results Math & Data Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Air pollutant reductions could enhance global warming without greenhouse gas cuts
Modeling predicts that loss of cooling effect attributed to sulfate aerosols will increase surface air temperature if air pollution and carbon dioxide are not simultaneously reduced
2021.03.09 Research Results Life & Health Materials
Molecular traffic key to keeping cellular highways maintained
Biomolecular motors transporting cargo within the cells found to wear down intracellular highways, prompting autonomous repair
2021.03.05 Research Results Math & Data Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Making sense of commotion under the ocean to locate tremors near deep-sea faults
New method for more accurately estimating the location of tectonic tremors in deep ocean faults could help to better understand earthquake rupture processes
2021.03.03 Research Results Life & Health Physics & Chemistry
New technique reveals details of membrane structures
Researchers gain new insight into the packing of molecules in lipid-raft-like ordered domains using a technique called low-flux scanning electron diffraction
2021.02.25 Research Results Life & Health Math & Data
The mathematics of sperm generation
Modeling of spatial patterns in stages of sperm formation provides new tool for investigating reproductive biology
2021.02.09 Research Results Life & Health Materials Technology
New ink jet approach offers simple way to print microdisk lasers for biosensing
2021.02.01 Research Results Life & Health
Feeding regimen could help reverse decline in Japanese black cattle
High volumes of milk replacer improve growth of calves and reduce age of first birth