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2021.01.14 Research Results Engineering
Nanobubbles offer green solution for inhibiting corrosion
Environmentally friendly, low-cost, and easy-to-use nanobubbles shown to mitigate steel corrosion in acidic geothermal water
2021.01.08 Research Results Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences
Which came first, sleep or the brain?
Researchers find that, despite lacking a brain, Hydra exhibit characteristics at a molecular and genetic level associated with sleep in animals with central nervous systems
2021.01.06 Research Results Medicine/Dentistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences
Mechanism connects epilepsy and enzyme deficiency
Findings also valuable for the 2% of Japanese with less-active version of the key enzyme
2021.01.05 Research Results Engineering
Long live the efficient, pure-blue OLED
Novel approach shows promise for overcoming the bottleneck of blue emission in displays using organic light-emitting diodes

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