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2023.03.28 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology
Probe where the protons go to develop better fuel cells
Unraveling the innerworkings of solid oxide fuel cells through an integration of computational data and hands on experimentation
2023.03.22 Research Results Life & Health
The single protein that causes the fibrosis death spiral
Scientists find VGLL3, a mechanosensitive protein from myofibroblasts, leads to fibrosis in multiple organs
2023.03.09 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Technology
A safe synthesis of hydrogen peroxide inspired by nature
A new homogeneous catalyst enables the safe and direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide
2023.02.16 Research Results Art & Design
Silica glass guitar pick jazzes up UN International Year of Glass 2022
An academic-industry partnership developed a glass guitar pic with unique acoustic characteristics
2023.02.03 Research Results Humanities & Social Sciences Environment & Sustainability
The spillover effects of rising energy prices following 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine
2023.01.28 Research Results Life & Health
Measles virus 'cooperates' with itself to cause fatal encephalitis
Researchers find a new mechanism for how the measles virus can cause a rare but fatal neurological disorder, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
2023.01.12 Research Results Technology
An ecofriendly way to convert blue light into UVB
Researchers from Japan and Germany develop a new sustainable way to upconvert blue LED light to UVB