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2020.12.24 Research Results Life & Health
Diseased gums shown to produce Alzheimer’s-related protein fragments
Study provides clues to the mechanism linking periodontitis and Alzheimer's disease
2020.12.24 Research Results Life & Health
Life arrives at same solution using different molecular approaches
Study shows that two catalysts with the same function essentially employ the same technique despite being based on different molecular species
2020.12.22 Research Results Life & Health
Barrier ahead? No problem for DNA replication
Study gives new insight into the mechanism underlying maintenance of genome stability in difficult-to-replicate regions
2020.12.17 Research Results Life & Health
Oh so simple: Eight genes enough to convert mouse stem cells into oocyte-like cells
Surprisingly simple method could provide a new tool for producing specialized cytoplasm for reproductive medicine
2020.12.14 Research Results Life & Health Physics & Chemistry
Viewing cell colony expansion through statistical physics
Study gives new insight into how cell colonies spread
2020.12.10 Research Results Life & Health
Inflammation and biology’s “ubiquitous” protein
Ubiquitin-decorated ubiquitin-writing immune signaling regulator found to control inflammation
2020.12.04 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials
Molecules convert visible light into ultraviolet light with record efficiency
Newly developed molecular system makes possible the efficient conversion of even weak visible light from sunlight and indoor LEDs into ultraviolet light
2020.12.03 Research Results Art & Design Life & Health
Mental health app supports university students
Pilot study of app with user-centered design shows promise as mental health support tool
2020.11.26 Research Results Art & Design Life & Health
Safe, easy, and rapid measurement of eye lens opacity and transmission
Newly developed system can analyze key properties of the lens without disturbing the eye
2020.11.25 Research Results Life & Health
New mechanism of pain control revealed
Discovery of a distinct group of astrocytes in the spinal cord overturns thinking on role of descending neurons in pain transmission
2020.11.18 Research Results Technology Environment & Sustainability
Directly capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with membranes
Gas separation membrane systems can enable ubiquitous CO₂ removal from the atmosphere
2020.11.13 Research Results Technology
Researchers develop ultra-fast polymer modulators that can take the heat
Silicon-polymer hybrid modulators capable of optical data rates of 200 Gbit/s at temperatures up to 110 °C could help reduce datacenter cooling costs
2020.11.13 Research Results Humanities & Social Sciences Life & Health
Specific personality improves odds of identifying depression with blood tests
Study adds new biological understanding to the link between personality and depression
2020.11.06 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Technology
Higher-resolution imaging of living, moving cells using plasmonic metasurfaces
Metasurface of self-assembled gold nanoparticles shown to improve resolution of fluorescence images of living cells under a widefield optical microscope to the theoretical limit
2020.11.06 Research Results Materials Technology Environment & Sustainability
Converting body heat to electricity efficiently
Inexpensive, flexible, and non-toxic thermoelectric converters producing high voltages at body temperature achieved
2020.11.04 Research Results Materials
Biocompatible and second only to diamond in hardness
Cubic boron nitride shown to be promising as an ultrahard coating for bio-applications
2020.11.02 Research Results Humanities & Social Sciences Environment & Sustainability
Uncovering COVID-19’s impact on the energy transition
Researchers find lessons from the pandemic that can be applied to reducing emissions and achieving SDGs
2020.10.28 Research Results Life & Health
Mysteries hidden in hepatic reprogramming
Researchers get clearer picture of how just two proteins can make fibroblasts convert into liver-like cells
2020.10.27 Research Results Math & Data Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Formation mechanism of record-breaking rainfall clarified
Numerical simulations reproduce for the first time the convective band that produced record-breaking precipitation in northern Kyushu in July 2017
2020.10.26 Research Results Humanities & Social Sciences
Understanding mentality and behavior in Japan in response to COVID-19
Study explores influence of personality, morality, and ideology on mental health status and preventive behaviors