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2019.12.12 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology
Seeing perovskites in a new light
Management of energetic excitons shown to be key for efficient light-emitting diodes with the low-cost materials
2019.11.12 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Mapping radioactive microparticles
Quantification of cesium-rich microparticle distribution provides new insights
2019.11.05 Research Results Life & Health
Unleashing immune cells to fight cancer
A possible new path to cancer immunotherapy using non-antibody-type inhibitors found
2019.11.01 Research Results Life & Health
Trans fats linked to increased risk of dementia
2019.10.04 Research Results Physics & Chemistry
Magical eraser in supersymmetry
2019.09.24 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Untapped resource—or greenhouse gas threat—found below rifting axis off Okinawa coast
2019.09.17 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology
Thermoelectric performance of graphene gets a boost
2019.08.22 Research Results Life & Health
Miniature human livers offer new platform for studying disease
2019.07.30 Research Results Materials Technology
Extraordinarily thick organic light-emitting diodes solve nagging issues
2019.07.29 Research Results Life & Health Physics & Chemistry Technology
Artificial cells offer route to explore cell processes
2019.07.19 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology
Atomically precise models improve understanding of fuel cells
2019.07.19 Research Results Life & Health
Unraveling how local anesthetics numb pain
2019.06.28 Research Results Life & Health
Unlocking the keys to longevity of egg cell supply in mammals
2019.06.19 Research Results Life & Health Environment & Sustainability
Just discovered, but already endangered? New beetle species found in Japan
2019.06.12 Research Results Humanities & Social Sciences Environment & Sustainability
Want effective policy? Ask the locals
2019.05.31 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Technology
Organic laser diodes move from dream to reality
Thorough characterization demonstrates lasing by direct electrical stimulation of an organic film is possible, KOALA Tech Inc. founded to further develop the technology
2019.05.24 Research Results Environment & Sustainability
Ice-sheet variability during the last ice age from the perspective of marine sediment