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2020.09.18 Research Results Life & Health
Nose’s response to odors more than just a simple sum of parts
Recording of olfactory sensory neurons in mice shows suppression or enhancement of response when odors are mixed
2020.09.08 Research Results Life & Health
Potential targets found for diagnosing the onset of breast cancer
Breast cancer cells highly produced multiple medium-chain unsaturated fatty acids, which could behave as precursors for specific odorants in cancer patients’ breath
2020.09.04 Research Results Life & Health Physics & Chemistry
Next-generation test for detecting bacterial endotoxin
New advances could help reduce the use of endangered horseshoe crabs for detecting lipopolysaccharide
2020.09.03 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Technology
Continuous and stable lasing achieved from low-cost perovskites at room temperature
Suppression of long-lived energetic states called triplet excitons shown to be key for preventing the “lasing death” that has been limiting long operation
2020.09.02 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Better evaluating bankability of large-scale offshore wind farms
New wind turbine wake model takes into account effects of wind speed loss region
2020.08.31 Research Results Life & Health
Incidence of myopic maculopathy much higher among Japanese compared with other Asian people
Study gives new insight into the leading cause of irreversible visual impairment
2020.08.14 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Mars subsurface explored using microtremors
Analysis of weak vibrations shown to be promising for space resource exploration
2020.08.07 Research Results Environment & Sustainability
Unexpected shift in air pollution explained for regions downwind of China
New research reveals why nitrogen-containing pollutants are increasing downwind despite being reduced at the source
2020.08.04 Research Results Life & Health
Novel genetic tools reveal the full picture of immune cells in the central nervous system
New tools will facilitate research into microglia and diseases of the central nervous system
2020.07.31 Research Results Life & Health
Stay or leave? A tale of two virus strategies revealed by math
Mathematical modeling of behavior observed for two strains of hepatitis C quantifies their preference to either multiply or spread
2020.07.28 Research Results Life & Health Environment & Sustainability
Coastal beetles may be spanning oceans just by floating themselves across
Study shows that some insects can survive floating on sea water for several weeks
2020.07.21 Research Results Life & Health
Three new species of mud dragons found in submarine cave in Okinawa, Japan
Discovery of the kinorhynchs reveals more of the hidden—but diverse—world of sand-dwelling microscopic animals
2020.07.14 Research Results Art & Design
Design of insect-inspired fans offers wide-ranging applications
New design method for highly compact deployable structures is based on the sophisticated folding of earwig wings
2020.06.29 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials
Unique molecular sponges for liquid separation
Researchers separate molecular mixtures by selectively absorbing larger molecules over smaller ones into nanoscale pores using a process driven by depletion force
2020.06.19 Research Results Life & Health
Memory impairment in mice reduced by soy derivate that can enter the brain intact
Ingestion of the protein fragment improved working and long-term memory in mice treated to simulate Alzheimer’s disease
2020.06.17 Research Results Life & Health
Miniature livers bioengineered from human stem cells able to function in rats
Advances bring lab-grown partial or complete organs for treating liver disease one step closer to reality
2020.06.12 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Environment & Sustainability
Molecular twist makes one catalyst useful for three hydrogen applications
Taking inspiration from enzymes in nature, this new molecule can assist reactions for hydrogen-based energy generation and fuel production along with hydrogenation, giving new insight into enzyme mechanisms
2020.04.02 Research Results Humanities & Social Sciences Life & Health
Revisiting what defines hikikomori as cases rise internationally
2020.03.27 Research Results Life & Health
When oxygen attacks
Genome-wide screening identifies novel cellular defense mechanisms against toxic and dangerous reactive oxygen species