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2020.06.17 Research Results Life & Health
Miniature livers bioengineered from human stem cells able to function in rats
Advances bring lab-grown partial or complete organs for treating liver disease one step closer to reality
2020.06.12 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Environment & Sustainability
Molecular twist makes one catalyst useful for three hydrogen applications
Taking inspiration from enzymes in nature, this new molecule can assist reactions for hydrogen-based energy generation and fuel production along with hydrogenation, giving new insight into enzyme mechanisms
2020.04.02 Research Results Humanities & Social Sciences Life & Health
Revisiting what defines hikikomori as cases rise internationally
2020.03.27 Research Results Life & Health
When oxygen attacks
Genome-wide screening identifies novel cellular defense mechanisms against toxic and dangerous reactive oxygen species
2020.02.19 Research Results Life & Health Physics & Chemistry Environment & Sustainability
Greener chemistry through direct synthesis of key nitrogen-containing compounds
New catalytic synthetic method for ketimines with unprotected nitrogen atoms could simplify synthesis of important bioactive compounds and reduce waste
2020.02.18 Research Results Life & Health Environment & Sustainability
How plants in the cabbage family look inward when sulfur is scarce
2020.01.31 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Technology
Making amino acids with electricity
Highly efficient amino acid synthesis achieved from biomass-derivable acids and water using electric energy
2020.01.29 Research Results Physics & Chemistry Materials Environment & Sustainability
Ecofriendly catalyst for converting methane into useful gases using light instead of heat